Open Doors (New Season)

Listen. Can you hear that? What is that sound? At times it is persistent and loud. Other times, it is vague and distant. Yet, I am certain that I recognize the sound of knocking…

Each day many doors are opened up for you and you have to choose if you are going to walk around them, past them, or through them. Doors are considered opportunities. The first door you see when you get up is life. By the grace of God and His brand new mercy, you are above ground, breathing, and living. The second door is touched when your feet hit the ground. Then there is the door of decision. You decide whether or not your day will be good/positive or negative/bad by the attitude and confessions you make. The next door is what you walk out of to face the world and if you work at home then that is the door in which you walk through to start the many activities of your day.

Here is a powerful scripture that speaks to us about open doors and liberty. The message is shared after there was false accusation and imprisonment. Instead of retaliation, there was praise and worship. Although, the men involved were physically bound, their minds and hearts were not. Knowing that their spirits were free and on one accord, they acted positively in spite of a negative situation, and that brought about a great change.

Acts 16:26 "Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed."

What in your life has to be shaken in order for you to make a change? What doors are open that you are afraid to walk through? Which doors in your life do you have to close, throw away the key, and possibly move to a new address to leave alone? What is keeping you chained and in bondage? The questions asked are for you to take a honest evaluation of your life. The things that are or are not taking place now are responses of decisions that you have made or failed to make. What are you going to do now?

Have you taken time out to greet someone or offer to hold the door or elevator for someone? There is the door to humility and kindness.

Did you review the drafted letter or memo before sending it out to your staff or clients? There is another door to careful attention and consideration.

Will you return the call as promised even though your schedule is already tight? There is yet one more door that leads to trustworthiness and reliability.

There are many doors we are exposed to daily. It is our decisions that can make a great impact in the lives around us. Today is the first day of autumn or fall, let this message resonate with you and as you are crossing over the threshold of the open doors in your lives, leave the anger, bitterness, envy, fear, gossip, hate, negative and poisonous attitudes and behavior outside.

Be blessed and have a colorful and passionate new season!