Career Options

Be careful of stating what you will NOT do or don’t want to do… There are times the decisions you make, that are best for you & your family won’t make sense to those close to you. Their response or backlash may hurt or even make your choice more clear, but it has to be a decision that you can live with and that will help your individual circumstance or situation.

Within the space of 90 days, recruiters have contacted me about great opportunities for out-of-state. A position in Massachusetts, where I was born and reared, which I still have family there. Also North & South Carolina, which depending on the city can be at least 3.5-6.0 hours away from where I and my son currently live. As my Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee says often “it’s time to readjust”… this is something that I am used to doing.

Well, having given much time to thought and prayer to the many career options available, it is very likely that relocation will take place in the future. I admit, the unknown can be scary, but that should be the least of your concerns. Right now the concern or question should be "am I or have I done all that I could do (be it out my comfort zone or preference) to help my family survive and/or succeed?" Only you can answered that question. My mother shared some wise advice when it came to life’s choices, she said “Don’t stay somewhere and die when you can survive somewhere else!” I concur. Every decision made has a consequence, EVEN the ones you choose not to make... so make the most of the opportunities that come your way. If the result is less than you anticipated, think more about what you've gained through the whole experience and share that with someone else along the way.