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Nichelle A. Hodge

Ambassador + Advocate + Author + Artist + Accountant...


I am a believer who is committed to a life of service.

Professionally, I believe in working diligently at whatever task given - making every effort to follow through to the end... Including asking questions so I can proceed with clarity, and being a better steward of all resources.

Personally, I believe in developing myself to be stronger – spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, and socially.

I believe in giving to others unselfishly in need, while exercising discernment, empathy, and wisdom.

As a Mother – I believe it is my duty to prepare my son to leave (the comforts of home) ready to face the world by faith in the strength seen and learned.


As a Friend – I believe in being friendly, honest, supportive, and faithful.


As a Woman – I believe in setting new standards, exceeding limits, and breaking through barriers that others place on us.


As an Educator - I believe it is not only my responsibility to be willing to learn a subject matter in detail, but also counsel, facilitate, guide, mentor, support, and teach others to further operate in excellence as well.


As an Artist – I believe in using my gifts and crafts to comfort others as I have been comforted; be it a home cooked meal or a handmade blanket - giving is a part of my lifestyle.


I also believe in accountability, transparency, and vision.


These beliefs have grown and are challenged in various seasons of my life...


However, I believe that I can do all the things that have been given to me to do in and through my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

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